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Webflow web design for a leading influencer marketing agency

Alex and Ollie from Stride approached Acidtest seeking a fresh and vibrant website design that would match their entrepreneurial spirit and position in an emerging market. As young visionaries in their industry, they entrusted us with the creative freedom to conceptualize an exciting and innovative digital experience. With their trust and our expertise, we crafted a website concept that embodied Stride's dynamic approach, reflecting their youthful energy and forward-thinking mindset within this burgeoning space.

A crucial aspect of this project for Stride was to expand their reach and tap into the vast Chinese market, where they envisioned significant growth potential. To achieve this, we dedicated extensive efforts to localising the entire content management system and all landing pages. This comprehensive localisation process ensured that Stride's website would rank favourably in non-domestic search engines, enabling them to effectively connect with and attract Chinese business.

The site in simplified chinese.

It's been great working with Stride and we have already kicked off our second project together, check out the site to see some more cool interactions and learn a bit more about this incredible influencer marketing agency

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