Site design and branding for a streaming platform and subscription service for the Sidemen.

The Sidemen wanted a platform they could call their own, so we built them Side+
It's a place to stream exclusive video content from the guys and interact in giveaways as well as win prizes as a member of an exclusive club. Lot's of challenges have been overcome in the process of launching this venture and now it's a huge part of the revenue stream of the Sidemen, with subscribers from all over the world getting to interact with the boys in new ways and see behind the scenes footage from their favourite youtubers.

A massive part of the project is the ongoing prizes and giveaway development, designing and building a system which allows subscribers to be rewarded with huge prizes as part of special easter egg challenges like 'the lockbox' and the new 'Giveaways' 2.0 which uses a proprietary algorithm to randomly distribute rewards to the selected cohort.

As a continuation of the mega successful prizes functionality and in an effort to keep providing value for Side+ subscribers we recently included a loyalty reward system called SIDEPASS, allowing long term members to benefit from access to exclusive rewards like tickets to the charity match or merch. The rewards drop at set intervals and are uniquely allocated by advanced algorithms, all of which were custom built by us.

As part of our ongoing work with the guys we are constantly developing and adding new features and look forward to helping them continue to grow their user base and keep bringing us the amazing content they are known for.

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