Hit Send

Animated website design and build for a new interactive card game

A brand new concept game needed a brand new concept site

Hit send is the risky game of text roulette. The Team at hot house games wanted a fun and punchy site that was geared up for conversions. We designed and built a fun. playful experience for mobile and desktop that showcases the game and some of the fantastic stories from people all over the world who have played it.

A card pulled by the Ethan (Sidemen)

SEO was an integral part of the project and we had to rank for a variety of keywords organically, we did this and 1 week after launch had a conversion to checkout rate 45% with 60k visitors in the first 3 days.

We used Webflow and Spline to create 3d interactions of the product for t5he buy cards, and we used native and GSAP animation for the scroll effects. Overall the client is super happy with the outcome and have committed to working with us as they build out the brand and develop the product offering.

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