App and brand design for a queue management system

The brief

We were approached to create a front end app and a backend CMS for a queue management system. The client came to us with an idea and we turned that into a reality. We created a strong brand and logo, a website, the full app experience and a fully functional react web app for the backend.

The logo on its own represent the ethos of the product, which is the queue. Each block sits behind the other, the strength in this mark is that the ‘r’ is formed by the order of the blocks.

Close collaboration was key for this project. In order to connect the design and development teams, we began by creating a prototype. Putting a working model in place allowed us to work in tandem and connect conversations in realtime

A huge and mostly unseen element to this project is the admin app, it's web based and runs on Ipads in store. It allows the managers to order the queue, call the next person and synchronise the system as well as having the capacity to broadcast promo messages and offers. The app can handle multiple desks, multiple agents and has huge capacity to scale up right out of the box. Our goal was to create a system that just works. which it does.

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