Branding and art direction for a Steak restaurant chain in central London

The Brief

Who doesn't love steak? When we were asked to work with the fantastic team at Sophie's it was a dream come true. As part of the ongoing relationship we've worked on loads of cool projects with them but the big one came when they opened their flagship Soho branch. They wanted a refresh of their aesthetic for the restaurant, a new site and and a whole new brand created for their underground speakeasy style club in an ex-boxing gym on windmill St, Soho.

Patterns from the interior, digitally recreated and incorporated into the brand

The Speakeasy

Had a retro vibe and the client was keen for the logo to reflect the boxing heritage, so we produced a hanging glove emblem with a subtle 'JS' formed by the laces as the logo mark and a branding set with a retro feel and nods to the history of the club throughout.

As part of the partnership we produced bespoke promotional art and custom designed flyers for various nights.

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